Arrests of Individuals in Baby Eel Raid

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) reported that a major seizure of baby eels at the Toronto Airport that federal officials say were being shipped overseas. Elvers, often referred to as glass eels due to their translucent bodies , migrate from the ocean to coastal rivers where they can be harvested. There is a high demand at Asian markets where they are raised to maturity for food, elvers are the most valuable fish by weight in Canada. They are commonly used in dishes like sushi cuisine.

Ludington Weather Bouy Deployment

OFF-LINEMCBA Reached Out to the CILERMichigan Charter Boat Association reached out to the University of Michigan CILER who owns and maintains the Ludington weather buoy. The delay in this Springs’ deployment of Ludington Weather Buoy 45024 is due to the fact that it is getting a complete makeover and upgrade, [...]

Lake Wide Assessment Survey S/V Steelhead operations on Lake Michigan, April-June 2024The DNR will be conducting our spring Lake Wide Assessment Survey in Lake Michigan starting April 15 and completing by June 30. These surveys use overnight gill nets 2,000-4,000 feet in length at depths ranging from 30-150 feet (see [...]


President's Report

From the Desk of President Bill Winowiecki
The impact of these warmer temperatures on our lakes and their ecosystems is a topic of great interest and concern. How will our fisheries be affected, and what changes might we expect in the ecosystem as a whole?

The Michigan Charter Boat Association (MCBA) Board has been quite active despite these unusual weather patterns, welcoming new members who bring fresh perspectives and ideas. Captains Mark William, Bruce Shane, and Bill Dunk join the board, contributing to our efforts to modernize and adapt to the challenges of the present day. Together with existing officers and board members, they’re steering the MCBA toward embracing the digital age while upholding our mission to safeguard the Great Lakes fishery, support our profession, and promote the businesses of MCBA members.

As we move forward, it’s important to express gratitude to retiring board members Rich Haslett and George Freeman for their dedicated service. Rich, who has served as President and Vice-President over several terms since 2003, along with his wife Linda, who managed our sports shows, will continue to assist their successors. Similarly, George, who served as the Central Lake Michigan director since 2009, has graciously agreed to stay on as an advisor to the new board. Their experience and wisdom will be invaluable as we navigate the challenges ahead.

Protecting the fishery remains a top priority for the MCBA. Currently, we’re closely monitoring the appeal of the Tribal Decree by the Coalition to Protect Michigan Resources, recognizing that its outcome could significantly impact the future of our fishery. Additionally, there’s concern about potential threats posed by state commercial fishing interests, with two versions of the HB 5558 commercial fishing bills expected to be released soon.


Our Future

Tribal Decree and More

In addition to legislative advocacy and policy discussions, the MCBA is actively engaged in on-the-ground efforts to protect and preserve our fisheries. We collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, conservation organizations, and local communities, to implement sustainable management practices and conservation initiatives. These efforts include habitat restoration projects, stocking programs, and educational outreach to promote responsible angling practices and environmental stewardship.

One area of particular concern is the potential impact of aquaculture on the Great Lakes ecosystem. While aquaculture has the potential to contribute to food security and economic development, there are also significant environmental risks associated with intensive fish farming in open water environments. The MCBA is closely monitoring proposals for aquaculture operations in the Great Lakes and advocating for stringent regulations to minimize negative impacts on native fish populations and water quality.

Welcome New Board Members & Directors


Bill Winowieki
(231) 228-7417
3700 Schomberg
Cedar, MI
Vice President:
Karl Burnside
2073 Bisby Dr.
Mount Morris, MI
John Giszczak
9760 Judd Rd.
Willis, MI
Larry Lienczewski
(989) 684-7943
3396 Anna Drive
Bay City,MI


N. Lk. Michigan
Bruce Shane
PO box 118
Lake Ann, MI
Central Lk. Michigan
Mark Williams
(586) 531-2763″
4679 S.Benedict Rd.
Ludington, MI
S.Lk. Michigan
Holly &
Hunter Engel
(616) 916-2857
3171 Lighthouse Way
Saugatuck, MI 49453″
N Lk. Huron
Rick Konecke
(989) 255-4524
916 Ford Ave.
Alpena, MI
William Dunk
(248) 408-0349
155 Serene Dr.
Imlay City, MI
Erie &St Clair
Henry Walters
(586) 725-3678
7103 St.Clair Ave
Fair Haven, MI
Jim LaBeske
(906) 337-4433
PO Box 38 Hubbell,MI
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