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Federal Judge accepted the Consent Decree the way it was written.

A federal judge accepted a proposed consent decree controlling five sovereign Michigan Tribes, the federal government and the state, overruling evidence that expanded gillnetting would negatively impact the Great Lakes. In handing down his order, Judge Paul Maloney rejected the Coalition to Protect Michigan Resource’s claim that biological harm is likely to happen to the resource and there will not be proper measures in place to mitigate that harm. Gillnetting in Michigan was banned by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources during the 1970s after research concluded gillnets are non-selective and have disastrous consequences for fishery populations. The Tribes asserted their treaty right to fish with gillnets, and after several court cases and injunctions, the first Great Lakes Consent Decree was adopted in 1985. Read more from MUCC and CPMR here →Read more

Catch and Cook Claim Your Listing

The Michigan Catch and Cook website has been recently update. The new version allows participants to add a new listing, or modify a listing by clicking on the “Claim Listing” button. Approvals do take 24 hours, however MCBA thinks this will allow captains to keep information up to date. To Claim your listing, Click here →Read more

The Tribal Negotiation Romance

During the Tribal Decree negotiations, I have attended three court hearings in Kalamazoo Federal Court. Our Association is part of the Coalition to Protect Michigan Resources, a coalition of Michigan resource groups dedicated to protecting the state’s fishery.

The Coalition has a great team of people representing us in court, but we are not a full party to the court proceedings. We are supposed to be represented by and be supportive of the State of Michigan team. The State is usually represented by an appointee from the Attorney General’s office, Chief of the Fishery Division, and guided by the MDNR Director.

I have watched and appreciate the Tribal negotiating teams in one important way. They work hard to represent their people. They are very cordial to us, except for the Sault Ste. Marie Tribal team. The Sault Tribe are pushing for right to take up to 100% of the fishery. But they still represent their members well and their members are cordial to us in the Coalition. →Read more