2015 Winter Secretary Report

By Captain John Giszczak

capt_johnWould you like to save $55.00 on your 2016 MCBA membership? Your drug program membership ends 12/31/2015. Here’s how to save time, trouble and $55: Avoid having to be retested and having to pay the fee for being retested! It’s easy; just be sure to renew your membership before the 31st.

You have three easy options for renewing: use the paper application mailed to you back in October, or online through our website. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can print an application which can be found on the MCBA website in the Captain’s Area and mail it with your payment.

Please, when you fill out your 2016 application: Take Your Time! Fill it out completely (so I don’t have to bug you for missing information). Please, Take Your Time and write legibly!! An illegible phone number or website could accidentally end up on the MCBA website for the 2016 season. While you’re at it, it might be a good idea to make a copy of your filled out application. You can use it as a starting point next year. Also, don’t forget to check your information on the MCBA website after the 1st of the year – it’s your responsibility to make sure your business information is correct.

Don’t be one of the Captains left out in the cold, renew your membership today!