2016 Winter President Report

From the Helm . . .

Our fall Treetops Resort 2016 meetings and banquet gave me some time to meet several new captains and a couple who had been MCBA members but had never been to our fall workshop meeting and banquet. It was nice to see these captains there. The Saturday workshop meeting was very informative, especially in regards to revised changes in King Salmon cuts for Lake Michigan. We are following this very closely. More info about 2016 catch numbers for salmon and trout on the Great Lakes should be available from MDNR fisheries at the January 2017 Ludington workshop meeting hosted by MSU Sea Grant.

The board and I would like to personally thank Captain Bill Winowiecki for putting the fall 2016 Saturday workshop meeting together. He spent many hours of phone time to lineup our speakers. As most of you know Capt. Bill is also our Northern Lake Michigan Director.

On another topic, I have followed the MCBA Facebook page from the beginning on the “net”. As one of the moderators, I get the stats on how many “likes” and “people reached “on various articles and fishing pictures posted each week. Our page on Facebook is normally running well above average in viewership and people reached. According to Facebook, we average in the 80 to 90 % range in viewership compared to all their other pages on Facebook. This is a huge success for MCBA and its members. We have a very large number of people looking at our Facebook pages each week according to the numbers I receive from Facebook people. Our computer and website person, Maxine needs a big thanks for setting up our page and getting it up and running on Facebook.
In closing, I wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year from all of us on the MCBA board. I hope in the coming new year our captains have good catches and happy customers.

Capt. Eric Andersen President MCBA