2017 Fall Presidents Report

From the Helm . . .

As I write this column for this September issue of the Cannonball it’s looking like a much better summer for MCBA Captains on Lake Michigan in 2017 . King Salmon numbers seem to be up from over the last several years… King Salmon were big and that seems to be holding true with Coho Salmon as well. From personal observation in my area, the Betsie River is having one of the best runs of King Salmon since 2012 with many vehicles parked along roads near the Betsie. I am looking forward to this year’s MDNR creel data this coming winter.

On August 30, I attended the Lake Huron Citizens Advisory Meeting at Jay’s in Clare. A few of the highlights from this meeting for our Lake Huron captains: In MH-1 (Northern Lake Huron), the lake trout harvest by sport an- glers is over the total allowable catch (TAC) by roughly 30,000 lbs. This is in regards to the tribal consent decree for Lake Huron waters. It is worrisome as the MDNR was talking about a three-bag limit per angler down to two fish per angler. Our captains need to know this who fish Lake Huron waters. Atlantic salmon are being dropped next year from approximately 175,000 to 100,000 plants due to overcrowding and sickness at the Platte River Hatchery. Plans are to release the young At- lantics at Lexington and St. Mary’s River for the best survival of the smolts. The walleye by -catch issue between commercial netters and sport anglers is still ongoing in the Saginaw Bay area at this time. The proposed new Commercial Fishing Statue is on hold as of this time. MCBA will report to our membership when we have any news on this item.

In July, Captain Jim Bennett and I attended the NRC meeting in Lansing at the Lansing Center. We both presented our reasons to r move the chumming ban on Michigan rivers. From what we see it will take our captains writing letters to state congressional representatives to make a difference regarding this new law.

In closing, I hope to see you at our annual workshop and banquet at the Double Tree Ho- tel, Holland MI. in October. Dates are from the 20th through the 22nd. We have a good line up of MDNR fisheries people who will provide the latest in Michigan’s fishery news.

Kind regards,

Captain Eric Andersen MCBA President