2018 Spring Secretary Report

If you have  fishing  reports you’d like to share with potential charter guests, please send them to me: MCBA Secretary John Giszczak;  fishstraycat@gmail.com. Reports are posted on the MCBA website and the name of your business will be posted with your fishing report. Please include a picture. It makes the post more interesting and will make it much more likely that potential guests will contact you about a fishing trip. Pictures of fish must be clean (no blood showing) preferably taken on your boat, on the water. It’s a great opportunity to  showcase your business with little effort and “zero” cost.

The 2018 Membership Applications will be mailed  in  late  September.  Please  do  not  let them sit on your desk until 2018. A number of captains neglected to mail in their applications until after the December 31st deadline last year, and got burned; having to pay to be re- drug tested. Also, make sure your mates turn  in their applications as early as possible, to avoid potentially slower processing after the fishing season starts. I know it’s a pain but please fill out the application completely; if something is missing I have to assume you don’t want it in your listing.  I  occasionally make mistakes entering your data, so please don’t wait until the 2018 season is in full swing to check your listing and wonder why you’re  not getting any calls. It pays to check your list- ing at the beginning of every new membership year to be sure it is accurate, and then occasionally throughout the season, to be sure it is on-line and working for your business.