2018 Summer Secretary Report

By Captain John Giszczak
Captains, fishing season is in full swing. Everyone is busy including myself.
If you have questions or concerns, itís going to take longer before you receive a response.
Please take the time to check your listings. Be sure they are correct.
If you plan on hiring a new mate, the most efficient way to get him or her into the MCBA drug program will be the online application. Applications (printable or online) can be found in the members area.

If you do need something changed or corrected, start on the MCBA home page and click on “Members” at the top right of the home page; then click on “Web Updates” our questions, concerns, or changes will go directly to the webmaster and it may take only a matter of minutes to fix your problem.

If you need help or have questions please call 800-622-2971. If you have to leave me a message, please speak slowly/clearly. Your message is digitally recorded and sent to me via email.