Presidents Report 2019 Summer

As I put to paper this report in June of 2019, several issues are on the radar screen. Probably the most import this summer is the new commercial fishing legislation that is currently in talking and review stages at the Capitol building in Lansing… This proposed new updated statue is still in its early stages at the state legislative levels and congressional voting may take place in the fall at best guess from MUCC people. Bycatch issues remain from both sport anglers and commercial netters. As of right now, there are approximately 55 commercial licenses issued for Michigan waters with approximately 35 in use throughout the state in Great Lakes waters.

Our second issue is ongoing, the 2020 Tribal Decree that could affect both sport fishing and tribal interests in late 2020. Changes in fish quotas and the number of gill nets is always a major topic when these new Tribal and US government talks begin. Vice President Capt. Bill Winowiecki has been our “point man” for MCBA on the 2020 Tribal Decree. As things change we here at MCBA will keep our membership informed.

Currently, we have no licensed charter captain for Michigan in the Upper Pernicala as a director. Retired Capt. Dick Stafford is filling in that spot for the time being. If any active captain fishing Michigan’s UP waters would like to take that position, we would love to hear from you.
This year from member captains and other anglers, it looks like a great fishing season starting”

“out. Many reports of red hot walleye fishing on Lake Erie, nice catches of Chinook salmon and limits on lake trout on Lakes Michigan and Huron. At my home port of Frankfort, waters are still extremely cold; on June 17, we had 44 – degree water off Point Betsie. Those are early May temperatures. The silver lining to the colder than normal waters is we’ve been taking lake trout in waters from 30 to 60 ft . of water and using very little fuel to run our charters.

On March 20, I attend ed the Michigan State Fisheries and Natural Resources Awards Banquet. Our two students receiving the Denny Grinold/ MCBA scholarships for this year are Ellary Marano and Jack Gorno.

Ellary is actually a Lansing resident now as her parents now live in Florida. She is planning a career at the administrative levels of fisheries and fisheries management. A PHD degree is in her plans in fisheries management and administration.

Jack is planning on following in his uncle’s footsteps and plans on becoming a DNR law enforcement officer. Jack is from the Gaylord, MI area and is junior at MSU. It is exciting to see these young people going into careers for Michi- gan’s wildlife and are passionate about it as young adults. The very best to these two scholars- ship award winners.
In closing, I hope fishing remains strong for our members and tight lines to everyone.

Have a great summer.
Captain Eric Andersen – President MCBA ~”