Big Changes to Charter Reporting Coming

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ALERT – BIG Changes for Charter Reporting start in 2018 & 2019!

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The DNR Fisheries Division charter reporting program will be going through some significant changes.

  • Spring 2018: Rollout & Testing a new online reporting system.
  • Spring 2018: Different reporting requirement for Lake St Clair, Detroit River, and St. Clair River Trips.
  •  Season 2019: Online reporting will be mandatory – no paper charter report forms.
  • Spring 2018: Rollout & Testing a new online reporting system.

DNR Fisheries Division will be replacing the current online reporting system with a new system. The entire system is being restructured and will include new features such as entering charter trips via smartphone and the ability to record more fish species. For those reporters using the current online system, your account will be moved into the new system for you. We will provide more detailed information when the roll-out of the new system approaches.

I would appreciate your input and suggestions while the new system is under construction; please consider being a volunteer tester and help make this reporting system the best it can be for yourself and fellow charter captains. My contact info is at top of this article. If youare willing to assist, please contact me by January 8th. No computer knowledge is required to be a volunteer tester, but it will require you to have a computer, a smartphone, or both. We want to know how this system will work for all reporters.

Spring 2018: Lake St. Clair, Detroit River, and St. Clair River Charters. In the past, operators fishing in southeast Michigan were only asked to report those charter trips with fishing activity in State of Michigan waters. Starting with 2018 fishing season, when a charter boat departs from within the state of Michigan, reporting of all trips will be required for Michigan and Canadian waters. This will allow fisheries managers, charter businesses, potential charter customers, and others a much more accurate representation of the charter fishing activity on these specific waters; especially as it relates to the musky and smallmouth bass fishery. FYI, the new online reporting system will allow for recording of lake sturgeon charter trips.
2019 – Mandatory Online Reporting

I have been saying for the last couple years that Fisheries Division will be implementing mandatory online charter reporting. That action is set for the year 2019. For those of you who have concerns about using online reporting, we want to work with you. We will be exploring options to get you the help tools and information you need to use the new system; some thoughts are to meet with charter businesses in various areas of the state and YouTube help videos. I am interested in hearing your suggestions on how DNR Fisheries can help charter businesses transition to online reporting.

Remember: The charter data you submit is an integral part of the data used to help guide fisheries management actions in Michigan. The goal is to provide a diverse and healthy fishery to all anglers; this includes you and your clients. Please think about the significance of your data and the importance of accurate reporting when you are filling out your monthly charter reports.
Wishing you joyous holidays!