CBD Warning to Mariners

The USCG Marine Safety Advisory issued notice to ensure that mariners, marine employers. Potential for Positive Drug Test Result from Use of Hemp-Plant Products There are some products marketed as hemp or cannabidiol (CBD) may contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This will cause a positive drug test!

In accordance with 46 CFR 16.201(c), an individual who fails a chemical test for dangerous drugs must be removed from duties directly affecting the safe operation of the vessel, and is subject to suspension and revocation proceedings against his or her credential under 46 CFR part 5. Use of hemp or CBD products is not accepted as an affirmative defense (acceptable excuse) against a THC-positive drug test result.

Captains and Mates should avoid any of the hemp or CBD product because such use could result in the loss of your license and immediate removal from safety sensitive duties aboard a vessel.

This warning applies to hemp and CBD products in any form, including those that are taken by mouth and those that are applied to the skin.

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