Welcome, there are a few changes to the 2020 MCBA renewal this year so please be certain you fill out all fields. Before you begin please make certain you have ALL information like your USCG License Reference No and your vessel documentation number if you own a boat.

Changes for 2020
You will also notice a fee increase for 2020, this is due to the new U.S.C.G drug testing interval times.

Renew online!

Your 2020 dues must be received at the MCBA office no later than midnight on December 31st in order to maintain your status in the MCBA drug and alcohol compliance program. MCBA has set up an account so you can pay online. MCBA can’t stress enough how important it is for you to get your paperwork in on time. If you are delinquent you MAY have to provide proof of testing at your expense and may need to re-apply to the Association. In addition, if you are advertising on the website you will be removed until your dues are paid.

Renew online!

In order to renew online you will need the following information:
USCG license reference number
License Expiration Date

Applications will not be processed without this information.