Fall Secretary Report

Where did summer go?
It’s hard to believe I’ll be sending out the 2017 membership applications towards the end of September. When you receive your application, please fill it out completely and legibly. I hate bugging you for missing information or because I can’t make out your hand writing.
As we go into the new membership year, please remember you must renew within a short time period or your membership in the MCBA drug program will expire, and you will have to submit a new drug test at your expense to be re-enrolled in the MCBA drug plan. And by the way, paying for the test, and then not taking or submitting it, does not qualify you for membership in the program. We are still waiting for a handful of captains to take drug tests that were paid for as far back as March.  If this applies to you, you may be getting the Cannonball as a courtesy for now, but you are not a member of the drug plan.  You must complete and pass the drug test. After that our Drug Administrator will send you all the necessary documents to satisfy all Coast Guard requirements and re-enroll you in the random drug test program. I hope you don’t get stopped by the Coast Guard without the proper paperwork The fines could be hefty. 

Last year the U.S.C.G. went through the U.P. checking captains for drug documentation. Fortunately, all our captains had the proper documents.  The Coast Guard complimented the captains for having their ducks in a row. Don’t be one of the captains who allow their membership to lapse and then have to do a re-admission drug test at their own expense. Renew early, and save yourself all that drug test renewal hassle.