Great Lakes Fish Stocking for 2023

The Great Lakes Fish Stocking Database (GLFSD) is a continuation of a project initiated by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) to provide fishery managers, scientists and other interested parties with access to a centralized, comprehensive database of all fish stocked into the Great Lakes from artificial propagation. In 1991, the GLFC created the Fish Stocking Database Management System (FSDMS) to meet this need.  GLFSD today is an online system that enables users to visualize data in many new ways and allows agency staff to make real-time corrections to data. Encompassed in this process was a need for a basic level of standardization of data fields to facilitate the visualization, which was accomplished through many back and forth conversations between the new GLFSD development team and agency stocking liaisons. This work was completed as part of a Science Transfer Project with major partners on the development team from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests in Owen Sound, USFWS at the Green Bay Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, along with input from stocking data liaisons and a steering committee comprised of lake managers and other end users.