• Becoming a member as a Captain is pretty straightforward. The membership fee is $235.00, ($230 plus a $5.00 handling charge). Captain membership comes with numerous benefits, such as an Internet Directory Listing (opt out at any time), Social Media advertising, and other external media promotions MCBA will be providing such as Michigan Outdoor TV. Enrollment in the MCBA random Drug Screening Program is included as part of the membership process, new members are required to undergo a mandatory pre-employment drug test.


    • To complete the application process, you’ll need to provide your Captain’s License details, including the expiration date. The application form can be saved and resumed at any time. Additionally, your boat will need to undergo an inspection to qualify for a membership listing. (independents or no boat will not recieve a internet lising) If you require assistance during the process, you can call us at 800-622-2971.


    • Captains will also need a DER (Designated Employer Representative), which is required by the USCG for the annual MIS (Management Information System) report. Captains and Mates are required to provide a business name for the DER. For example, if you are self-employed, you can use your name or business name. If you are employed by another operation, you should use their name and phone number..


    • For Captains already enrolled in another drug and alcohol testing program, the first-year membership fee is $170. In this case, a compliance letter is required. Upon enrollment, an email will be sent within 48 hours with instructions to upload the compliance letter.
    • Once the process is complete, Captains will receive a drug card, a boat plaque confirming vessel inspection, and a “no drugs” sticker as required by the USCG within 30 days.

  • Applications are also accepted by mail with a check (Please click here for an online .pdf) that can be mailed with a check.

By clicking the ‘join now’ button you will be taken to an online form where you can check out with paypal or a credit card.


    • Membership enrollment for new First Mates is $135.00 ($130 + $5 for processing), which includes a First Mate internet advertising listing with a port and phone number. This also includes enrollment in the MCBA Drug Screening Program. On an initial application, a mandatory pre-employment drug test is required, which is included in the membership fee.

    • Once enrolled, there are no additional charges for future drug testing as long as mates continue with the MCBA Random Drug testing program and renew by December 31st of each year. Annual renewal is $70.00 ($65.00 + $5 processing).

    • For those within the program, annual renewal is $70.00 ($65.00 + $5 processing).

    • Unless mates are considered independent (working for multiple boats), a Designated Employer Representative (DER) is required. This is essentially the person you work for. This information is necessary for the USCG’s annual MIS report. Mates are required to provide the employer’s business name and phone number.

    • You can pause the application process and receive help by calling 800-622-2971.

    • Within the application process, you can request a boat sticker or window decal.

    • After joining, you will receive a chain of custody form for your pre-employment drug test, which must be completed within 30 days. Once a mate has passed (generally 15-20 days), you will be mailed a card confirming enrollment in the random drug testing program.

    • Applications are also accepted by mail with a check (click here to fill out and print the form)

By clicking the join button you will be taken to an online form and can check out by PayPal or credit card.