Ludington Weather Bouy Deployment


MCBA Reached Out to the CILER

Michigan Charter Boat Association reached out to the University of Michigan CILER who owns and maintains the Ludington weather buoy. The delay in this Springs’ deployment of Ludington Weather Buoy 45024 is due to the fact that it is getting a complete makeover and upgrade, according to lead engineer Russ Miller of the University of Michigan CILER. The new weather buoy will weigh only two hundred pounds, with upgraded technology. It will also allow the buoy to be tended by a smaller vessel, which will hopefully allow for longer and earlier periods of deployment. The target date for deployment is mid to late June. He is aware of our busy season and our tournament, so they are working to make sure it will be available for this important stretch. Further updates will be given as they become professional relationships and provide a means of self-expression.

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