Understanding MCBA Drug & Alcohol Program Requirements

Did you know that while enrollment in the MCBA Random Drug & Alcohol Program isn’t mandatory for membership, it’s a requirement under USCG regulations? Members are obliged to provide proof of enrollment and compliance from their current provider. It’s essential for members to keep the MCBA Drug & Alcohol office updated on their whereabouts by sending a mail, email, or making a call, ensuring timely communication and compliance.

Important Contacts and Communication Channels:

Any queries regarding the MCBA Random Drug & Alcohol Program should be directed to the MCBA Drug Administrator/Coordinator. Contact information can be found on the back of the MCBA Drug & Alcohol ID card, facilitating easy access to assistance and information.

Background Checks for New Members:

MCBA mandates background checks for new members, aligning with DOT regulations. This requirement streamlines hiring processes within the MCBA community, eliminating the need for additional background checks when members transition to new roles or employers. A current MCBA membership card serves as proof of completion of pre-employment drug testing and background checks, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Record Maintenance and Accessibility:

MCBA maintains confidential records for drug and alcohol program participation, alleviating the burden from individual members. These records are made available to the USCG 9th District DAPI (Drug & Alcohol Program Inspector), ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and facilitating oversight.

Ensuring Fairness in Selection Procedures:

LexisNexis® Screening Solutions, engaged by MCBA, employs a randomized computer-generated process to ensure fair and equitable selection procedures for captains and mates. By utilizing this process, personal identifiers such as age, gender, or MMC level are disregarded, promoting fairness and impartiality in selection.

Maintenance of Necessary Records for the MIS:

MCBA maintains comprehensive records for its Management Information System (MIS), ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. These records encompass various aspects, including chemical test results, participation in Employee Assistance Program (EAP) training, and drug program background checks. While the MCBA Drug & Alcohol Program maintains these records, members should remain aware of their existence and the regulatory obligations surrounding them.


Quest Labs is the company hired by the MCBA to ensure fair and equal random selection procedures are conducted for all captains and mates, uses a random computer-generated process to select from the complete MCBA drug membership. Quest Labs does not know age, sex or MMC level. 8
MIS Report: MCBA maintains the necessary records for the MIS (Management Information System). MIS requires that records and documents be maintained and available to participants and the USCG.

These records include:
• chemical tests with positive or non-negative results for 5 years
• chemical test with negative results for 1 year
• all participants receiving EAP training
• previous annual MIS reports
• drug program background checks

The MCBA Drug & Alcohol Program maintains these records so the member does not have to. However, members need to be aware that these records are being maintained as required by regulation.

What is a Serious Marine Incident?

Casualty resulting in:
1. Death
2. Injury requiring medical treatment beyond first aid
3. Damage in excess of $100,000
4. Actual/constructive loss of vessel
5. Injured individual unfit to perform routine duties
6. 10,000 gallon spill or more
7. Hazmat spill of a reportable quantity
Use Coast Guard form CG-2692 to report Serious Marine Incident. Requires Drug & Alcohol Testing
Marine employer responsible to test:
• All Mariners directly involved
• Drug and alcohol testing
• Mariners shall provide sample
7. Hazmat spill of a reportable quantity
Report test results on CG-2692B and attach to CG-2692 report

By understanding and adhering to these requirements and procedures, members contribute to the safety, integrity, and efficiency of maritime operations within the MCBA community.