Covid relief funds (CARES) additional funding passed by Congress Updates

More updates from the Business Meeting last weekend. Chief Jim Dexter gave a talk about the Covid relief funds (CARES) additional funding passed by Congress in mid June 2021 for the Great Lakes. These funds are available to our Captains. Presently NOAA Fisheries is in the process of working with the states to identify all licensed fishing entities. We know this has taken some time But it appears the ball is now moving. MDNR Fisheries Division will be sending out packets mid December. ( this has just been updated)The funds will be distributed by the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, In a conversation yesterday with Bob Lanke , GLFC will have a press release out soon. As many of you know, the Atlantic states received the first go-around of CARES funds, charter fleets in Florida, Lobsterman in Maine, etc.. were able to subsidize their losses. Now, funds are available for the Great Lakes. MCBA announced this in the fall in Cannonball. And Dexter spoke at the Annual meeting. We will do our best to keep the membership updated. For right now questions need to be directed to the DNR. There will be more posted as soon as the details are finalized.

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