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Last week, Thursday November 19th, myself, Capt. Rich Haslett (newly elected Vice President) ,past MCBA president. Capt. Terry Walsh , and Capt. Larry Lienczewski;  MCBA treasurer attended a public input and comment meeting on  Aquaculture/Net Pen Fish farming for the Great Lakes.This DEQ/  MDNR public forum was held at the Tree Tops Resort at Gaylord, MI.

We voiced our position on Aquaculture/Net Pen Fish farming; the harm that could be done to our sport fishery here on the Great Lakes via disease and pollution to the lakes. Also at this meeting we gave our verbal support to State senator Rick Jones Aquaculture Senate Bill 526.

This issue will be updated in more detail in our next Cannonball Newsletter coming out in December, anyway … having an MCBA presence at the public comments meeting was noticed by other State Sportfishing  groups and the Pro-Aquaculture people. Several members from these sport fishing groups came out in the lobby to thank our Association on our position during the ongoing meeting. That made me proud to  be a part of MCBA as President.

As I finish writing this brief note, it is the eve before Thanksgiving. I and our board of directors want to wish all our Captains and their families a Happy Thanksgiving .

May everyone have great holiday weekend and stay safe with your travels.

Kind regards,

Capt. Eric Andersen
President Michigan Charter Boat Association

Please view the videos of the meeting:
• Great Lakes Aquaculture Public Meeting 11/19/15 Part 1
• Great Lakes Aquaculture Public Meeting 11/19/15 Part 2

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