Great Lakes Water Levels

The water levels of the Great Lakes continue to rise at a face pace.   The latest weekly levels show that Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are up 7″ in the last month.  They are now only 1″ below the level of one year ago, and 15″ below the average May level.   Lake Superior is up 5″ in the last month and is also now only 1″ below the level of last May.  Lake Superior is 12″ below the century average.  The rise in the easternmost Great Lakes is not much short of amazing.  Lake Erie is up 10″ in the last month and is now 9″ higher than one year ago.  Lake Erie is 7″ ABOVE the century average.  Lake Ontario has gone up 15″ in the last month and is up 20″ in the last year.  Lake Ontario is now 10″ above the century average.  Between May 1 and May 19, the Great Lakes basin had already picked up 91% of normal May rainfall.  We’ve not only had above average rainfall, but the clouds and higher relative humidity have reduced evaporation.  Experts predict Lake Michigan to go up another 3″ in the next month.

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