Highlights of the Annual Lake Committee Meetings – Lake Erie

A Publication of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council May 2010
http://www.great-lakes.org Vol. 21, No. 5.3

Highlights of the Annual Lake Committee Meetings Great Lakes Fishery Commission proceedings held in Windsor, ON. Canada

This third of a series of annual special reports is an extensive summary of the Lake Erie annual Lake Committee. These lake committee reports are from the annual Lake Committee meetings hosted by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission of March 2010. We encourage reproduction with the appropriate credit to the GLSFC and for the agencies involved. Our thanks to the GLFC, USFWS, and the Ohio DNR for their contributions to these science documents. While they are abridged and have been edited for brevity, we have submitted extensive information that gives an overview of the status, conditions and prognosis of the Great Lakes and our fish.

Thanks also to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, its staff and Marc Gaden & Chris Goddard, for their efforts in againconvening and hosting all the Lake Committee meetings in Windsor, ON.

The full report can be found LAKE ERIE REPORT in PDF format

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