Indiana plans barrier to block Asian carp’s spread to Wabash River system into the Maumee River system

(Buffalo News)

WASHINGTON — With Asian carp posing their greatest threat to Lake Erie, Indiana on Wednesday announced measures aimed at preventing the invasive fish from migrating from its waterways to the Great Lake to the northeast that extends all the way to Buffalo.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said it will erect a mesh barrier aimed at keeping the fish out of a tributary to Lake Erie. The announcement came as lawmakers and others shared concerns about the potential carp invasion at a Senate hearing.

The barrier will be set up at Eagle Marsh, a wetland near Fort Wayne that periodically floods, thereby connecting the Wabash River to the Maumee River, which flows into Lake Erie.

The fencing will be completed this summer, and Indiana also will begin work to come up with a permanent solution to separate the two waterways.

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