Proposed Tribal Consent Decree Updates

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The first article is an in-depth look at the decree, the background, the context and the biological issues with the proposed decree’s approach: Click here
The second provides examples of what possible consequences the proposed decree could have: Click here/

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The Department and Executive Office of the Governor have been working towards negotiating a new Great Lakes Consent Decree with the U.S. government and with Michigan’s tribal governments that have rights reserved under the 1836 Treaty of Washington. After more than three years of negotiations, a new proposed decree was submitted to the U.S. District Court and is now a public document. Six of the seven parties in this negotiation were able to reach agreement on this proposed decree. The Sault Tribe is not supporting the document and has asked the court to be allowed to self-regulate and not be bound by any Great Lakes decree.

Right now, the 2000 Consent Decree remains in effect without a firm expiration date. The proposed Decree that is now public, is NOT in effect, and will not be unless and until it is ordered by the court. 

1. Proposed-decree-with-appendices.pdf
2. Stipulation for entry of proposed decree

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