(reprint) Cox, other AGs push U.S. to step up efforts to poison invasive Asian carp

RE-PRINT from Detroit Free Press story by TINA LAM


With federal officials poised to spread poison today on 2 miles of waterways around a Chicago lock to see whether any Asian carp turn up, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and four other attorneys general said Wednesday that not enough is being done to stop the fearsome fish.

Cox, other AGs push U.S. to step up efforts to poison invasive Asian carp

Poison should be applied in more rivers, the group said in a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Further delay is unacceptable,” the letter said. It was signed by Cox and the attorneys general of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Corps of Engineers did not respond to requests for comment.

Little has happened in six months to halt the progress of bighead and silver carp, which grow to enormous sizes and could out-compete native fish for food, the letter said.

Although carp DNA was found past an electric barrier in the waterways near Chicago, federal agencies used electro-fishing equipment, nets and commercial fishermen to try to find the fish and failed.

That’s not surprising, the attorneys said. Federal fish biologist Duane Chapman, said in court documents in February that Asian carp “are amazingly difficult to capture with any standard fisheries technique,” they noted.

The letter called for permanently closing off access from the Chicago locks and canals to the Great Lakes, more transparency and more regional input into anti-carp efforts.


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