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I am happy to report that the use of our Fishing Simulator at the Sport Shows will allow us to add to our Scholarship fund again this year. All shows did very well except Grand Rapids. We were very close to our goal, but I think the people were outside doing other things due to the warm weather we had. These shows would not be successful if it wasn’t for the Captains and members of MCBA who gave their time and services to see that our scholarship fund continues. I would like to thank the following Captains for donating their charters for the shows: Sara K (Capt. Greg), Hot Bite (Capt. Matt), Kathy’s Boyz (Capt. Bruce), Grin Reaper (Capt. Tim), A Day Away ( Capt. Kent), Maxed Charters (Capt. Ed), and E-Fish-N-Sea (Capt. Doug), and to everyone who helped work our booth. It is never too early for those of you who want to donate a charter for next year’s shows.

I would like to personally thank Captains Ken & Janice Deaton for their years of dedicated service running the sport shows. They have put their hearts and sole into making our scholarship the success that it is today. Ken plans to retire from his regular job this year and both plan to spend the winters in Texas. My wife Linda and I will be taking over the shows starting next year. We wish Ken and Janice the best and want them to know that there will always be a slot open at the shows whenever they’re in town.

Captain Rich Haslett – 248-542-1563

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