2023 Summer Presidents Report

The summer fishing season is well on its way. It’s off to a great start! Salmon numbers seem to be up with good healthy Fish.

Huge Lake Trout and good catches in Northern Lake Michigan. Great Walleye fishing in Saginaw Bay, Lake St Clair and Lake Erie.

One major boat inspection issue that has popped up this year is fire extinguishers. The Coast Guard, and DNR inspectors are checking the dates on your extinguishers. If they are older than 10 years old, they need to be replaced. I’ve heard this from many Captains.

I’ve been working on the Tribal Decree. I’ve also had some great conversations with the Fishery’s Chief Randy Claramunt. Randy has his hands full. He will have to implement a very unpopular Tribal Decree.

Hopefully the salmon population is starting to stabilize in Lake Michigan.I’m seeing pictures of all year classes.

The MCBA Fall Conference will be held in Holland Michigan at the Hayworth Hotel on October 28, 2023. Look for more information about the new format, the location and all the particulars in other articles in this newsletter. Please note this on your calendar. It really would be nice to see some new faces. (click here for more information)

Hope you have a prosperous summer. Please be safe out there.
Captain Bill Winowiecki
Michigan Charter Boat Association