MCBA Secretary Report

Winter 2021
By Captain John Giszczak

It’s time to renew your membership application before it expires on Dec. 31, 2021. Once the deadline is missed, you may be required to pay to be re-instated in the drug program. We have had a number of captains not bother to check their internet listing until November and found either they were listed or not listed improperly. There is nothing we can do at this late date to remedy the problem. It’s your responsibility to check your website listing

Things to keep in mind when filling out your MCBA membership application:
Your application is a legal document i.e. your signature at the bottom verifies the information stated above is true. This pertains mainly to the first section (member information).

Your application is stored on an annual basis in compliance with USCG regulations.
The information in the first section is required by the USGC for MIS (drug) reporting.
Black or Blue ink only, no crayons or markers accepted.

  • Mail in Standard #10 envelope, applications mailed in thank you envelopes will be returned.
  • Please print your application legibly.
  • Do not tape or staple your check to application.
  • Don’t use your initials: Print your name completely and legibly, spelling it correctly.
    Website information is not required but encouraged for promoting your business.
    Any items left blank on your application will be assumed to be intentional and will not be included in your ad on the MCBA website.
  • Do not send your application if your license is expired or missing from your application, be careful to use your Reference #: NOT your USA #.
  • Please do not call the 800# and ask if you have paid your membership, check your checkbook or credit card statement if you paid online. You should also retain a printed record of your application for your tax file.
  • Verify you’re listing on the MCBA website towards the end of February, we are not responsible for omissions or misspellings. Any alterations, additions, or corrections “must be made” through the MCBA website form.
  • If you need help or have questions, please call 800-622-2971.