Bass Tournament Portal

Fishing Tournament Information System a valuable tool for fisheries managers and the public


Michigan’s Bass fishing tournaments have long been a cornerstone of angler activity, and the state’s Department of Natural Resources has significantly advanced its oversight and data collection with the introduction of the new Fishing Tournament Portal. Over the past decade, the portal has revolutionized how tournament organizers register and report their events, mandated by state law for bass, walleye, and muskellunge tournaments since 2016 and 2019 respectively.The portal’s primary objective is to provide comprehensive insights into Michigan’s vibrant tournament scene, tracking event frequency, participant numbers, and crucial catch data across over 300 lakes annually. This robust system not only aids in regulatory compliance but also enhances the DNR’s capacity to monitor fisheries health and manage resources effectively.Tournament logistics remain familiar: competitors gather at designated lakes, vie for the heaviest catch, and responsibly release fish post-event. With approximately 2,600 bass, 100 walleye, and 15 muskie tournaments annually, drawing anglers statewide, the portal serves as a pivotal tool for tournament directors. Each director maintains a unique account to streamline registration and facilitate communication, ensuring smooth coordination of events and minimizing overlap on popular waters.

Beyond its administrative role, the portal features a user-friendly interface accessible to the public, allowing lakeshore residents and recreationalists to track tournament schedules by lake, county, or date. This transparency empowers stakeholders to plan activities accordingly, whether joining tournaments or seeking quieter waters for leisure.

Reflecting on its success, DNR officials commend the portal’s evolution into a vital resource for both managing Michigan’s fisheries and fostering community engagement. The system’s integration has exceeded initial expectations, providing unparalleled data insights that continue to shape sustainable fisheries management practices across the state.

For more details and to explore upcoming tournaments, visit and discover how this innovative platform supports Michigan’s rich angling traditions.

DNR Fisheries Division Chief Randy Claramunt said the program has really exceeded all initial expectations when first introduced in 2016.

While most tournaments are private club events and are not open to public entry, the system’s public interface allows lakeshore property owners, anglers and other recreationists to search for and monitor tournament fishing activity on waters or in regions of the state that interest them. This feature can be helpful for those looking to find, or to avoid, tournament fishing activity when planning their own recreational outings.“Since its inception, the Fishing Tournament Information System has developed into an integral tool for the Fisheries Division to understand the breadth and scope of tournament fishing within Michigan while also providing a wealth of biological data that our biologists can use to better manage the public’s resources,” Claramunt said.

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