Lake Wide Assessment Survey

S/V Steelhead operations on Lake Michigan, April-June 2024

The DNR will be conducting our spring Lake Wide Assessment Survey in Lake Michigan starting April 15 and completing by June 30. These surveys use overnight gill nets 2,000-4,000 feet in length at depths ranging from 30-150 feet (see diagram below). Our targeted sampling stations can be from 2-10 miles (randomly selected) north and south of the pierheads at the following ports: St. Joseph, South Haven, Saugatuck, Grand Haven, Arcadia, Leland, Elk Rapids, and Charlevoix. Our nets are marked with orange-flagged buoys that stand over 6 feet tall and are labeled with our agency identification.

A few countries have a special flag worn by recreational boats or ships, which indicates the nationality of the ship. Although inspired by the national flag, the yacht ensign does not always correspond with the civil or merchant ensign of the state in question.

Please inform all pertinent personnel of our schedule. We can be reached via marine radio channel 16 using the call sign “SN Stee/head’. If you have any questions regarding our sampling schedule, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by cell phone at 231-330-5290.