Secretary Report Summer 2016

By Captain John Giszczak

capt_johnWe are now way past the cut off date for renewing memberships for the 2016 season without having to take a pre-renewal drug test. If you submit a membership application at this time, you must include $55.00 for your now required pre-renewal drug test along with your annual membership fee. If you’re really in a pinch you may apply online, but you must check the appropriate membership box AND the drug test box. In this circumstance if you do not check both a membership category AND the drug test box, the transaction will not be successfully processed.

Everyone: Please check your web listing carefully for typographical errors. I manually enter the information written on the applications and some handwritten applications are very hard to read – plus the fact I’m human and I do make mistakes.

Fishing season is now in full swing so you may see some lag time with having your application processed.
At the time of this writing, we have 357 captains and 130 mates enrolled in our MCBA membership/drug program