Summer 2018

From the Helm . . .

Another season is here. Most of our captains are doing well around the state. Talking with many captains from Lakes Huron, Erie and Michigan fishing is very good to red-hot. The walleye bite is limit catches on Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay and salmon catches for Central and Southern Lake Michigan on most days is very good to excellent…. Seems if the fishing is slow on a certain day the weather has played a factor in the catch, from reports from captains. Salmon are being reported caught by captains as far north as Leland. On Lake Huron, Atlantic Salmon are showing up in the catch by our captains up and down the Lake Huron shoreline. Some of those fish are starting to show some size. Let us hope this fishery continues to expand. These are a terrific gamefish for our customers.

MCBA has closely followed the commercial fishing statue being updated by our state legislature, MUCC and other sport fishing groups. Our point man from MCBA, Past President Captain Terry Walsh has been involved with the updated changes to the revised statue from day one and kept me informed on progress of implementing this new statue. Myself, VP Captain Bill Winowiecki and past President Captain Terry Walsh were to attend a legislative hearing at the Capital Building in Lansing .We were to voice our opinions on the updated changes to the proposed new statue. Of particular importance to our membership is the bi-catch of walleye on Lake Huron and Lake Trout in Northern Lake Michigan.
Unfortunately, at the last minute this meeting was canceled for reasons not given to us and other sport fishing groups.

On June 11, 2018, an oversight committee meeting in Alpena, MI was held over the issue of cormorant control, or I should say lack of control, by the US Fish and Wildlife Service

There are to be more meetings on this topic this year. Fish and Wildlife Service reported their findings on sport fish depredations by cormorants would be ready by November 2018. From my perspective the US Fish and Wildlife Service has been slow to react regarding cormorant control.
In closing, I hope everyone has a great season with plenty of customers and fish in their coolers. I myself have checked daily the Northern Lake Michigan buoy water temperatures. I am looking for those offshore thermo bars to form in late June and the great Steelhead fishing that those thermo breaks provide.

Have a great summer…
Captain Eric Andersen – President MCBA

Mailing Address: 9760 Judd Road Willis, MI 48191 1-800-622-2971

Due to an issue with AV equipment, the passenger vessel workshop will be held at Wayne County Community College - Downtown Campus. The address is listed below. All of the emails I received from RSVP have been notified. Please spread the word widely. We will have a member from CG Sector Detroit at the previous location for those that don't get the word, but don't want anyone to miss out on any of the info being passed. Date/Time: Friday, March 22, 2019 between 8 AM and 12:30 PM

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Detroit, working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, is hosting an Uninspected Passenger Vessel (UPV) Workshop at the Wayne County Community College Downtown Campus to provide information to charter vessel owners/operators. Attendees will become familiar with federal and state charter vessel regulations, federal drug and alcohol testing program requirements, what to expect when boarded by law enforcement on the water, U.S. Coast Guard merchant mariner credentialing processes, legal liability considerations when operating a vessel commercially, how to schedule a Coast Guard Auxiliary voluntary safety exam and how and who to report illegal charter vessel operations. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to network with federal and state maritime law enforcement, as well as other operators. Our hope is this workshop will reduce the number of illegal charter vessel operations, which place the public at risk, especially when these vessels are operated by untrained/inexperienced mariners or without proper safety equipment.

Download an agenda (click here)

Location: Wayne County Community College Downtown Campus, 801 West Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48226, Frank Hayden Community Room, Room 236
Date/Time: Friday, March 22, 2019 between 8 AM and 12:30 PM
Parking: Free in Lot #3