Consent Decree Series on Michigan Out Of Doors

Great Lakes Consent Decree Series on PBS Michigan Out of Doors Watch Now The second in Michigan Out of Doors (PBS) series on the Consent Decree with the Coalition to protect Michigan resources; Guest Jim Johnson, 42yrs retired MDNR biologist The discussion will center around netting, gill nets, and trap nets and how they affect the Great Lakes. Please take time to watch or watch on YouTube. Please hit like so we can have possible future updates on Michigan Out of Doors. The first Michigan Out-of-Doors TV […] →Read more

Treaty Negotiations Update

UPDATE #3: Negotiations with Michigan’s Tribes- Issues facing Recreational fishers- Entry and Effort. This is the third in the series of updates that we will be posting to let those interested in the sport and commercial fisheries of the Great Lakes know what challenges the Parties face in the negotiation of a new agreement between the State, the Federal government and the five Michigan Tribes holding a Treaty right to fish in the Michigan portion of the upper Great Lakes. The first update gave you some background […] →Read more

DNR Hopeful on New Cormorant Control Rule

By Randy Claramunt, Lake Huron Basin Coordinator Michigan is often viewed as a leader in double-crested cormorant (DCCO) activity, both in terms of DCCO-fisheries conflicts as well as engaged stakeholders and managers working towards solutions. For those reasons, fisheries managers in Michigan were not surprised with the release of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the publication of their final rule announced late in 2020 with an effective start date of February 12, 2021, as the State has been […] →Read more